30 Years of Client Milestone Projects


The Holmes Group

The Holmes Group

Stragegic Planning
Developed a five-year strategic plan that leveraged Mike Holmes’ brand power into new endeavours, and left behind a strategic template that can be applied to new opportunities as they arise.

“[Bay Consulting] did an excellent job of listening and asking pointed questions.  They fed back to us their understanding of the brand, which helped us to focus our thinking and planning… They helped us develop a strategic template that we can apply to any new situation.  Today, we have better structures, better planning and better accountability.  Now, we feel we can move ahead with more assurance.”



Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs & University of Guelph

Ten Year Partnership

Developed the governance structure and performance measures (based on logic models) that underpinned the successful negotiations of a $600 million unique, ten year partnership.

“Bay Consulting Group ran a very professional and well managed assignment and were knowledgeable, great to work with, with no ‘attitude’.”


Rogers Communications
Rogers Communications Inc.

Call Centre Information Reference Tool
 Developed and implemented a new Information Reference Tool for Customer Care for use in all call centres (with over 5,000 customer service representatives handling over 40 million customer calls annually).

"[Bay Consulting Group] did a great job (to) articulate our business requirements and then translate those requirements into the appropriate IT system.”

Government of Ontario
Algonquin Health Services & South Muskoka Memorial Hospital

Merger into
Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare
Facilitated the merger of two health organizations into Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare.

"With the unfailing support of Bay Consulting, we accomplished, together, what many thought would be an impossible task! ... We couldn't have done this without your excellent facilitation and wisdom, and the flawless execution tools you brought to the table.  Thanks for helping to make this a success.”

Government of Ontario
Ministry of Health
and Long-Term Care

SSHA Monitor 
External Monitor for the Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) from 2003-2005 to review and provide advice on mandate, technology practices, and financial, operational and performance management.

“Right from the initial meeting BCG established professional and open relationships … their unique skills and knowledge, based on many years of experience, allow them to deliver on challenging and multifaceted projects.”
Canada Health Infoway
Canada Health Infoway
eHealth Infostructure Strategy

Facilitated and participated in the development of the Infostructure strategy for Canada, which  will lead to eHealth records for everyone in the country.
Ontario Medical Association

Ministry of Health
and Long-Term Care
& Ontario Medical Association

Ontario e-Physician Project

Fairness Commissioner for three large information technology procurement initiatives to support Primary Care Reform from 2002-2004.

    "Bay Consulting Group allowed us to present our organisation at its best to the vendor community ... We benefited greatly from your experience and judgement.  We really enjoyed having your viewpoint, practical attitude to issues and great sense of humour available to us throughout.”
Government of Ontario
Ministry of Consumer and
Business Services

Contract Negotiation

Negotiated the $80 million ESDi contract between the Ontario Government and Bell Canada to develop and implement electronic access to selected services for the people of Ontario.

“I highly recommend Bay Consulting Group.  The project’s success can be attributed in large part to their involvement and expertise.”
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Redevelopment Project 

Advice to the project team in developing 20,000 new long-term care beds and redeveloping 12,000 existing beds, including procurement, facility development, change management, and policy development (from 2000-2005).

 “Bay Consulting Group made a huge contribution to realizing this accomplishment.  You are consultants who can truly enable clients from behind the scenes."

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
Bell Canada Enterprises
IT Product Development
& Market Penetration Strategy 

Created new web enabled e-commerce products for the worker compensation marketplace by integrating key business processes – billing, adjudication, audit, payment and customer information.  Provided support through several sales cycles from 1999-2004.

“Bay Consulting Group is a great business partner.  They successfully articulated a strategy and executed it.”

Broadcasting Licenses

Strategic advisor for the planned acquisition of a television broadcasting license in British Columbia and for other broadcasting business investments (from 1995-2004).
WSIB Ontario

Workplace Safety
& Insurance Board

Change Management

Designed and implemented a comprehensive Change Management Strategy for WSIB.

“Bay Consulting Group made us confront our most difficult issues and they did what had to be done to achieve success.”

AGF Management Ltd.

AGF Management Ltd.
Corporate Integration

Strategic advisor on the integration of 20/20 Financial Corporation into AGF following the acquisition.trategic advisor for the planned acquisition of a television broadcasting license in British Columbia and for other broadcasting business investments (from 1995-2004).
Toronto Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
(City of Toronto)

Operations Review 

Pro-bono review leading to the implementation of 50 recommendations to streamline the operations.

“Bay Consulting Group has helped to support and sustain the City’s vibrant cultural life through its valuable volunteer contribution of consulting services.”

Link to Certificate of Appreciation
Rogers Communications
Rogers Communications Inc.
Business Process Re-engineering 

Designed a successful new process to launch and market cell phones.  Worked with a team to design new process based on over thirty recommendations for improvement – the new process was adopted and put into place within a month.
Woodbridge Group

Woodbridge Foam Corporation

Strategic Information Technology Selection & Implementation 

Strategic IT direction-setting through counselling senior staff and transferring best practice skills and knowledge to evaluate, select and outsource major application systems from 1993-1996.

“Bay Consulting Group brought a strong business focus with standards, best practice and discipline to the management of our IT investments, including the ability to identify options and how best to evaluate them and their risks.” 
Westminer Canada Ltd. /
WMC Resources Ltd.
IT Solutions

Developed an IT solution for all North American mines, including mine specific software, equipment maintenance and accounting solutions for one of the world’s largest mining companies.
Business Process Improvement 

Led five internal teams to improve bed utilisation through guaranteed admission to a new short stay surgical unit, improved care delivery in clustered patient units, focused discharge preplanning and improved interdepartmental interfaces.
The Jim Pattison Group
Investment Advisor for the Television Industry

Advisor on strategic investments in the television industry in British Columbia. 
The Hospital for Sick Children
Oncology Research System

Bay Consulting Group donated the first working model of the Haematology/Oncology Medical Information System to support cancer research and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) donated the mini computer. 
Government of Ontario
Ministry of Government Services
Design and Construction Division

Project Management Processes and Procedures

Facilitated the development of comprehensive project management processes and a detailed procedures manual for this new division to deliver $120 million annually in new construction.

“Bay Consulting Group provided technical expertise and best practice advice to deliver practical tools for satisfying our client commitments on time, cost and quality.” 
Stevenson Kellog
Stevenson Kellogg
Ernst & Whinney

Strategic Transformation
enabled by IT

Worked with the newly merged management consulting firms of Stevenson & Kellogg and Ernst & Whinney to choose the best technology for the future.  Enabled both firms to recognize the opportunity afforded by moving away from their traditional platforms to a unified one that provided for both creativity and stability for the future. 
TD Canada Trust

Strategic Application of IT

Advised and mentored Board members and IT executives to unify their understanding of high technology issues and opportunities in the financial sector.  The results were a greatly improved dialogue between the Board and the IT executives and a commitment to innovations that maximized the IT potential of the company.

College of Nurses of Ontario

Strategic Transformation

Provided advice on two generations of computer choice and installation, followed with ongoing counsel on strategic transformation of the organisation.

“Bay Consulting Group opened up dialogue across the organization in a manner that overcame the “on-the-carpet / off-the-carpet divide.”

Governemnt of Canada

Government of Canada Department of Communications
IT Start-up Funding

Assessed marketplace success for IT start ups that received funding from the private sector and those that received funding from government programs.  Identified reasons why many successful companies in the burgeoning IT segment do not avail themselves of government funding to lay ground for new government approach.