30 Years of Client Milestone Projects

Bay Consulting Group help clients find solutions to business and organizational issues.  These solutions often mark major milestones for our clients in the evolution toward more effective strategy and delivery to their customers, staff and stakeholders.  Each year, Bay Consulting Group names one client assignement as the Milestone Project of the Year, selected for the magnitude of change it helped to create.  We are proud to have been their "Partners in Lasting Change."

Below are the recent Client Milestones.  (Click here or at the bottom of the page at "Your Next Step" for the archive of previous years.)

Ministry of Children
and Youth Services

An eight-month project to evaluate the province-wide service delivery system for alternative dispute resolution of issues related to children who may be in need of child protection services.



G2B Service
A year-and-a-half long project to enhance the engagement of the business community in guiding the design, development and delivery of G2B services.


Telus Health Solutions

B2B Portal
A Business to Business Portal connecting WorkSafeBC with health providers to order care for injured workers, track and report care and results, and pay for services

"[Bay Consulting Group] took the 30 top 'asks' from providers and developed a world-class portal system"

Government of Ontario
Ministry of Health
and Long-Term Care
LHIN Governance

A 6-month long project to assess and improve governance at the Boards of the 14 Local Health Integration Networks in Ontario.

“Absolutely stellar understanding and consequential work that you accomplished in a few short months”
Seguin Township
 Sequin Township
Adult Lifestyle Community

Research, strategic planning, financing and operations for a private-sector housing project of approximately 30 living units designed near Rosseau Ontario to meet the needs of seniors.