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Hans Jansen

BCG Hans Jansen

Hans Jansen

Our Partner Graham Bentley talks about Hans:

"I am constantly amazed at how Hans always brings a unique and strategic perspective to meeting our clients’ needs.  He is constantly challenging conventional wisdom, ‘pushing the envelope’ to open up new ideas and opportunities, and finding creative strategies to help our clients fulfil their dreams and aspirations while keeping an eye on their bottom line objectives.  His professional practice covers a wide variety of fields including real estate, packaged goods and communications.  His fluency in five languages has enabled him to serve clients in many countries across the globe.

“Working with Hans is very challenging and rewarding.  He works tirelessly as a team player in bringing out the best in our clients, consultants and partners on large and complex projects.  He can effectively manage and facilitate a wide array of public and private interests and marshal the necessary finances and approvals for any project - from the ‘back of the envelope’ stage, through detailed planning, to completion.  Innovation and creativity constantly earmark his work in translating ideas into viable strategies and realization.  His legacy of successful projects continues to grow each year, from the Rogers Centre in Toronto, to Canadian satellite TV and specialty channels, to real estate development.

“Outside of BCG, Hans likes to apply his business and consulting experience working with others in community development projects and building vibrant neighbourhoods.  He approaches his volunteer work with the same strategic insight, people skills, tenacity and results that characterize his professional life.  When he somehow manages to find ‘spare’ time, he enjoys travelling to faraway places (no doubt with an eye on how others are developing their own communities) and relaxing with his family at the cottage in the summer or on the ski slopes in the winter.”



Masters of Business Administration (MBA), University of Oregon
Bachelors of Business Admisistration (BBA), University of Oregon
Diploma Cum Laude, Nijenrode University Business School, Netherlands