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Vince Fearon

BCG: Vince Fearon

Vince Fearon

Our Partner Hans Jansen talks about Vince:

"Working with Vince, it has always struck me that he is very good at “dissolving” complex organizational problems by engaging all stakeholders in designing solutions that are in their best interests.  With his ability to combine truly insightful ideas with an irreverant sense of humor, he is very effective in helping firms and government departments to take the sometimes difficult but necessary steps required to adjust to new conditions and expectations.

"In engagement after engagement, Vince proved his scope of consulting knowledge and his ability to quickly get to the nub of issues.

"When Vince and I founded Bay Consulting Group in 1984, he already was a respected professional. His reputation has only increased during the years that Bay Consulting Group grew.

"Vince always encourages his colleagues to think about clients' problems and opportunities in multiple dimensions. He excels at bringing multi-disciplinary teams together under sometimes less than ideal circumstances and can bring the best out of each individual.

"The fact that the firm is still considered to provide valued consulting services is in no small measure due to his outstanding efforts since co-founding the group.

"His early consulting career was spent at Currie, Coopers and Lybrand. He  left this firm in 1984 when we set up Bay Consulting Group together. Subsequently, Drew Huffman, David Johnston and Graham Bentley joined the firm.

"During his career to-date, Vince has worked in many countries in Europe, all of North America and also in Australia, New Zealand and India.  In Canada, his clients have included major corporations and government ministries, including the financial industry, most major banks and AGF Mutual Funds, the public sector in Ontario (e.g., the future of Ontario Place with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport) as well as the Federal Government and other provinces.

"Vince is an active tennis player and enjoys travel to Africa, Europe and other places, both for work and in his time off."



Chartered Engineer
Certified Management Consultant (CMC)