When we started Bay Consulting Group in 1984, we set out to fashion a firm that was completely client-centric. We believed that working closely with clients to surpass their expectations would lead to future work. We then set the bar even higher - we believed that we were only as good as our last job.

We decided to put our effort into adding value to our ongoing projects rather than aggressively promoting the firm. We also decided that this needed supremely qualified, gifted consultants with the highest integrity that could work closely with all levels in an organization. Furthermore, we looked for consultants that could exploit technology to the utmost to further lower the barriers between consultant and client, users and the processes and systems that facilitate their work.

A combination of such planning, agility and opportunism (OK, and luck), has helped us to position Bay Consulting Group as a mid-sized consulting company with superb consultants that can tackle tasks that some clients have defined as “impossible”. We have completed some of the largest and most challenging management consulting projects in the country, provided our clients with sustained support over a number of years and helped them surmount any number of challenges. Our client list includes many large and complex organizations in both the public and private sectors most of whom have used us time and time again.

When asked, our clients say they value our ability to:

This kind of feedback helps to confirm that we’ve fulfilled the very challenging mandate that we imposed upon ourselves. That doesn’t mean that we are satisfied, far from it; because our goal remains the same – to keep amazing our clients. More to come ...