30 Years at Bay Consulting Group

BCG Consultants

Bay Consulting Group (BCG) is a professional management consulting firm that has been in business since 1984 and currently has some thirty partners and associates. Each partner has more than 20 years of professional consulting experience as well as a successful business career. Our associates have specialized skills and have at least ten years in their field.

Our Philosophy

We believe in working with our clients to produce real and lasting change and improvement. This philosophy is encompassed in our corporate credo - Partners in Lasting Change. This means seeking solutions that will stand the test of time, working on both the technical and human sides of issues, and leaving behind the tools and techniques to support the client into the future. For many clients, this is accomplished with a team of their staff who work closely with our consultants.

Our Professionalism

Bay Consulting Group fully subscribes to the code of professional conduct of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada). Many of our consultants have attained the Certified Management Consultant designation (CMC or FCMC). Each client relationship and project is managed by a partner and only qualified consultants suited to the assignment will work on it.

Our Clients

BCG has assisted hundreds of clients over the last twenty-five years. We work with a broad range of organizations in the private sector, federal and provincial governments, utilities, associations and others. Our work spans Canada, the United States, Europe and Eastern Europe. Clients include many ministries and agencies of the Ontario Government, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and many companies in the financial services, information technology, manufacturing and commodities industries to name a few.  Often, we lead multi-disciplinary projects in large, complex, multi-stakeholder settings.

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